Narrator:Far away in outer space,the Yellow Planet was almost demolished by the malefic alley Mephisto.Princess Sally escaped from the planet,lead her way to Line Town.Sally captured the minds of friends in Line Town with her adorable looks and brought back prosperity and peace to Line Town again.However,Mephisto stretched out his vicious hands to peaceful Line Town,and finally kidnapped Princess Sally.So,the brave warriors of Line Town,transformed in to Line Rangers thanks to Dr.Leonard,set out to rescue Sally.And finally,the Line Rangers have arrived Mephisto's base.

[Line Rangers Intro]

Dr.Leonard:[switching map,finding Mephisto's base]Wow!Sally!You're alive!Guys, I finally found her,go and save Sally NOW![presses start button]Moon!James!Brown!Cony!Needed minerals and rubies![Friends warp into Rangers and turn 3D]

Rangers:[Pop out]

James:Ooh!I really love it!My perfect look matches my fedora!

Cony:[Pushes James to the side]Yo!Stop bossing around!Go away!you little boy!Aha[flies high]

[Moon was seen holding Cony's feet and staring at her butt]

Cony:What are you looking at,You creep!Hmph!

Moon:Let's go and save Sally.

[Brown comes and waves at the camera]

[the lil' boys got squashed onto the camera and yhe alarm rings]

Dr.Leonard:Everyone,let's move!My friends,you must rescue Sally!

[gate opens.C